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Lauren Drake

Height: 5'9   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Red

Non- Union

Mezzo Soprano/Belt



Ragtime                               |   Emma Goldman    |   Pepperdine University  |  Kelly Todd

Miss Bennet: Christmas        |   Mary Bennet          |   Pepperdine University |  Brad Griffin
at Pemberley 


As You Like It                      |   Jaques                   |  Pepperdine University  |  Hollace Starr   

The Taming of the Shrew     |   Baptista Minola      |   Pepperdine University  |  Scott A. Smith

The Winter's Tale                 |   Antigonus             |   Pepperdine University  |  Hollace Starr

Mamma Mia!                       |   Ensemble              |    Pepperdine University   |  Kelly Todd

The Little Mermaid              |   Andrina/Princess    |   ManeStage Theater      |  Brenda Henson

Mauritius                             |   Mary                      |   Pepperdine University  | Scott A. Smith


"Home for the Holidays"     |   Anchor, Fred  |   Hannah Huynh (Ind. Short)

"Sonder"                             |   Samantha       |   Julia Donlon (Ind. Short)

"An Equation for                 |   Tutor               |   Kaylee Hoy (Ind. Short)
Unrequited Love"  


Pepperdine University, BA

Audition Technique | Michael Donovan

Voice/Singing   |  Kate Bass, Kari Ragan

On-Camera Technique   |   Nic Few

Shakespeare Study, Linklater Technique   |  Hollace Starr

Scene Study   |  Cathy Thomas-Grant

Improv   |  Brian Jones, Allen Simpson

Special Skills

Singing: Pop/Rock, Musical Theatre, Jazz

Instruments: piano, guitar, ukulele



Sports: snow skiing, softball

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