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"play along"

"play along" was written in the summer of 2019 about the disillusionment of growing up through the lenses of a failed romantic relationship, uncertain career and future goals, and struggles with mental health. Ultimately the song comes to the conclusion that love, self-worth and meaning are intrinsic to oneself, not earned or won. With an acoustic feel with elements of guitar and piano, the production lets the lyrics and vocals shine without losing track of the song's story. Recorded and produced by John Lowell-Anderson.


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"Preludes" is Lauren's pop-led exploration of the facets and emotions that go into a budding relationship, all inspired by her very own love story. The EP journeys through three songs, each representing a musical beginning; "Perfect Storm," "Everything You Do," and "Future."Lauren wrote, recorded and produced the original versions of each song on "Preludes" by herself in her bedroom from late 2020 - early 2021. They sat unreleased for years, as she was nervous to release something so personal- songs where she talked about her own experience with love and where she had such a heavy hand in their creation. They were eventually mixed by John Lowell Anderson in 2022, and released in March 2023.

Preludes Art.jpg

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Lauren's second single, "malibu" is a love letter to her friends at Pepperdine, who have learned that joy is the greatest act of resistance in the face of tragedy and loss. After losing a friend in the Borderline shooting and being separated due to COVID-19, Lauren penned "malibu" as an optimistic tune to blast while driving down PCH when reunited with her friends. With an upbeat, pop-y, synth-y feel, the song also serves as a time capsule of her years at Pepperdine. Produced by Jacob Reed, released June 2021.

Lauren Drake Malibu

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"okay" is Lauren's first-ever single, released in March 2021. "okay" explores the promise, security and anxiety of a budding relationship. With dazzling harmonies and layered vocals along with a dreamy, cinematic feel, "okay" captures the the magical uncertainty of falling in love. Produced by Jacob Reed.

Lauren Drake okay

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