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Singer-Songwriter Lauren Drake Releases Latest Single ‘Play Along’

Alice Smith

Jan 28, 2022

A quick blurb on "play along" from!

21-year-old Singer-Songwriter Lauren Drake releases her latest single ‘Play Along’. Produced by John Lowell Anderson (Chlöe, Margaret Glaspy, Lindsey Buckingham). The track blends elements of Indie-Pop and Folk to create a well rounded introspective song that showcases Laurens emotive songwriting style.

‘Play Along’ explores the disillusionment of growing up through the lenses of a failed romantic relationship, uncertainty about the future and struggles with mental illness. Backed by a soft acoustic guitar melody that builds gradually, the addition of delicate electric guitar sections and drums frames Laurens vocals perfectly as she takes the listener on a journey of her own personal reflection.

The track is autobiographical, Lauren explains “‘Play Along’ is a composition of all the pieces of art that got me through the years…The song was directly inspired by Kacey Musgraves’ “Slow Burn,” that sort of dreamy, metaphorical autobiographical way of exploring your life through music. It’s my favourite song I’ve ever written, and the one I hold closest to my heart.”

Hailing from Seattle Lauren now resides in LA studying acting and music at Pepperdine University. ‘Play Along’ is her third release that links with the prior two ‘Malibu’ and ‘Okay’, all of which tell stories of a young woman navigating life, love and loss. With an eclectic sound and Laurens approachable and honest lyrics, she is certainly one to watch as she continues to grow, write, and perform, guitar in hand.

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