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Lauren Drake Shares New Single ‘play along’

Caesar Live N Loud

Jan 11, 2022

Great coverage and a wonderful review of "play along" by Caesar Live N Loud!

Seattle native indie pop/folk singer-songwriter and actress Lauren Drake has just shared her brand new single play along, a smooth pop song with an introspective touch.

I am really enjoying her lovely vocals which beautifully convey the emotion of her storytelling, while gliding effortlessly over the chilled out production. Recorded and produced by John Lowell-Anderson, play along is a relatable song about struggling with mental health, facing unncertain moments in your life and eventually realising that self-worth, love and meaning are intrinsic to oneself and aren't things we can win. What I like the most about the song is its smooth and warm vibe and how we are gifted with intricate guitar riffs that are then joined by steady drum patterns and lovely harmonies that match the emotion pouring from her vocals. Have a listen to this cool song below!

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