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Lauren Drake’s Latest Release, ‘Play Along’ Has Us Feeling Peaceful This Morning

Gifted Balance Records

Jan 24, 2022

Very warm and thoughtful coverage of "play along" by Gifted Balance Records.

Good morning world and welcome back to The Study Lounge. We hope that you all were able to have relaxing and prosperous weekend and were able to spend it with loved ones. We have had a snowy weekend here in Michigan and there seems to be of signs of it letting up any time soon. Though the weather is a little frigid, we hope to shine some warm, loving rays, of light on your day today. We are getting things started pretty early today as we have a full day of music planned for you all. To get the day started we will be listening to a very relaxing Pop track that we feel will be the perfect song to insure that you get your day started off on the right note. So, grab that morning cup of coffee and let’s learn about Lauren Drake and her latest release, ‘Play Along’.

Lauren Drake is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and entertainer currently based in Seattle, Washington. She has always been surrounded by music and began singing at a very early age. One of initial inspirations in the music world was Taylor Swift. When Lauren first heard Taylor’s music she was inspired to learn how to play the guitar and began to write her own original songs. Though she only sang these songs around the house, this would provide a clear foundation for her musical talents to grow and prosper. As she grew up, Lauren realized that she had a special talent when it came to singing and began to perform in theater as well. Now, she has a handful of singles and has been able to create a community of individuals that love everything she is doing. One of the things that we love about Lauren is her versatility. Be on the look out because she will be apart of an upcoming Shakespeare production in Malibu. Overall, Lauren is an extremely exciting artist, which is why we are happy to present you with her latest release, ‘Play Along’.

‘Play Along; is the latest single to come from this rising artist. The song is a somber and relaxing Pop song that will keep you level headed and relaxed all day long. Opening with muted guitar, ‘Play Along’ utilizes a simple instrumental to isolate Lauren’s vocals and show off her skills. Lauren’s vocal performance is warm, intimate, and inviting creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation within the listener. As the song progresses the instrumentation evolves along with vocals and leaves listeners attempting to guess what is going to come next. When we spoke with Lauren we were able to get a little more insight on the meaning of the song. She explained that, “‘Play Along’ was written in the summer of 2019 about the disillusionment of growing up through the lenses of a failed romantic relationship, uncertain career and future goals, and struggles with mental health. Ultimately the song comes to the conclusion that love, self-worth and meaning are intrinsic to oneself, not earned or won.” We here at The Study Lounge really resonate with the theme behind this song and we feel that she was able to capture it perfectly. We will be adding ‘Play Along’ to our Chill Collection playlist so be sure to check it out and give it a listen.

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