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Lauren Drake’s Debut album Preludes is a Musical Tale of Youthful Love

Kirti Suri

Mar 28, 2023

I spoke with Sinusoidal Music once again about Preludes, Taylor Swift and my musical journey.

Preludes is a 10 minute EP that takes you through a heartwarming love story, told in tunes. The artist to be credited is Lauren Drake, a US-based musician with a flair for captivating storytelling with her music. Lauren has been singing for all the while she’s been around, and has taught herself many instruments and production.

Preludes comprises of three tracks, which start to finish tell the tale of a love. It flutters, from an exciting fire to a steady flame. And it is told with bubbly compositions and lyrics that you can feel.

Preludes EP – The Tracks

‘Perfect Storm’ is the first song on Preludes, it starts you out with gentle 90’s passion. It’s a song about sparks flying the first time you meet someone. A true love song, it is exciting and energizing while being told from a captivated voyeur’s perspective. The composition is sound with a great production set up, and Lauren’s vocals that take you back to the first time butterflies.

Up next is the track ‘Everything You Do,’ which boasts a disco-esque beat. It’s high-quality production wouldn’t let you think for a second that the artist recorded these numbers in her bedroom. With a beautiful vocalisation range and a sticky tune, this one is my favourite song from Preludes.

Last song on the EP is ‘Future,’ a track that contemplates what is in store. In this last chapter, the artist details the ups and downs that adorn the past as well as the future. It is more mature, more advanced in its interpretation of love. It is an evolution from where Preludes began. Further, it has a ballroom RnB quality to the production which is quite refined.

In Conversation with Lauren Drake

Lauren Drake is a 22-year old storytelling magician, with a penchant for versatility in her singing and compositions. After three successful singles, she’s out with her first album now.

Hi Lauren! I’m a big Swiftie, so it’s impossible not to start there. I see you’re a fan too. Can you tell me about the Taylor Swift music that has impacted you, and how?

Artist: “Yes! I’ve been a Swiftie since Fearless came out in 2008. I would listen to (and loudly sing along to) her debut album, Fearless and Speak Now while I was getting ready for school every morning. When ‘Red’ came out, I snuck my headphones in through my sweatshirt so I could listen to it during my 7th grade English class. Red was really the biggest inspiration for me to start playing guitar and writing my own songs- but the first song I learned to play and sing at the same time was ‘Ours’ off of the deluxe version of Speak Now. “

“There are also videos of me at 8, 9, and 10 years old playing Fearless on the piano and singing. Her music has truly gotten me through everything, and even though she’s older than I am, I feel like I’ve grown up with her since I’ve been following and supporting everything she’s done for so long. I’ve seen her live five times (and have tickets for Eras!) and have been incredibly inspired by the artist she is – the power, vulnerability, light and honesty to her songs and the way she operates in this world encourages me as an artist and young woman. My absolute favorite song of hers is ‘marjorie’ off of evermore.”
The beginning of Lauren Drake’s music

You’ve been singing since you could talk — but there’s more than to the craft of a musician. Can you tell us about how you got initiated into making your own music? How has the process evolved over time?

Artist: “The first song I ever wrote was called ‘Go,’ and performed it at my sixth grade talent show. It was about chasing your dreams and is a very optimistic, heartfelt little tune. Once I learned enough about piano and guitar and music theory, writing came so naturally. Sooner or later, it morphed into a way of filling a sort of emotional void- what I mean by that is that if I couldn’t find a song that already existed that captured my exact feeling, I would write one. That ranged from love songs, breakup songs, grief songs, songs processing my faith, and songs about simply growing up.”

The Inspiration behind Preludes

What inspired the album Prelude, what’s the backstory? What are your favourite tracks from the album?

Artist: “I credit the creation of ‘Preludes’ to the combination of me taking an online music production class during quarantine and then falling in love with someone not long after. I wrote, recorded, and produced all of the original versions myself in my bedroom in Kirkland, WA. I love each song for different reasons- ‘Perfect Storm’ always makes me want to smile and dance, and I’m proud of having written it all in the third person. All of the vocal layering and background vocals in ‘Everything You Do’ make it sound like a certified pop song, and I’m very proud of that. I love ‘Future’ because it’s one of my most vulnerable songs, and was written about a beautiful moment I experienced.”

Tell us about some musical influences who inspire your composition process, your writing, or simply have you playing their work on repeat?

Artist: “Besides Ms. Swift, Maggie Rogers was a HUGE inspiration for this EP. Her album Heard It In a Past Life single-handedly inspired every production choice I made on these songs. The synths and reverb-y snare in ‘Perfect Storm’ echoes the ones in ‘Light On,’ the backing vocals in ‘Everything You Do’ mimic the ones in the second chorus of ‘Overnight,’ and I like to think that ‘Future’ turned out kind of like a more mellow version of ‘Say It.’”

What’s Next

How would you hope a new listener would feel after listening to Preludes, and your music, when they discover you here?

Artist: “I hope they feel like they can go boldly and unapologetically declare their love to someone in the rain, at the airport gate, at the kitchen table, or whatever, wherever! Haha. I also would encourage anyone who likes these tunes to check out my other song ‘malibu’ that is sonically similar, ‘okay’ that is lyrically similar, or ‘play along’ that is in a league of its own.”

Listen to Preludes from Lauren Drake here.

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