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Lauren Drake

Musician & Actor

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Lauren Drake is a 23-year-old indie pop/folk singer-songwriter and actress who has been singing ever since she could talk. She was inspired by Taylor Swift to pick up the guitar and start writing down the little songs she would sing around the house. Since then, she’s grown into a highly contemplative and thoughtful artist known for her powerful performances showcasing her versatile singing and composition style. She’s released three singles, “play along,” “malibu,” and “okay,” all of which tell stories of a young woman navigating life, love, loss and everything in-between.

Lauren graduated from Pepperdine University with a BA in Theatre Arts (acting) and a minor in music in April 2022. She is also a voice, piano and theater teacher, having taught at multiple theater companies and studios around the greater Seattle area.

About Lauren

Latest Project: 54 Sings Diana



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